Interface Summary
Command Defines an object which is a command, either incoming or outgoing.
CommandSender A CommandSender can accept an OutCommand and do something with it (such as send it to the server, or send it on to another CommandSender).
InCommand Defines commands that come from the server.
Mode Any class which is to represent a mode must implement this interface.
OutCommand Defines an outgoing command.

Class Summary
A_FAQ Some Frequenty Asked Questions.
ClientStateMonitor ClientStateMonitor asks commands to update the client state.
CommandRegister CommandRegister is basically a big hashtable that maps IRC identifiers to command objects that can be used as factories to do self-parsing.
ForwardObservable Does notifications in the order they are added.
GenericAutoService Provides a framework for an auto service.
GenericCommandAutoService Provides a framework for an auto service that operates with InCommands.
InputHandler A simple class to help manage input from the stream.
IRCConnection IRCConnection is the core class for Martyr.
Mode.Sign Finally, the Sign enumeration.
State A simple container for state constants.
StateObserver Should the state and state observer be one?
TestIRCConnection JUnit test cases.
TimerTaskCommand This class delays sending a command to the IRC connection.

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