Interface OutCommand

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AbstractCommand, ActionCtcp, AwayCommand, ChannelModeCommand, ChatRequestCommand, CtcpMessage, CtcpNotice, InviteCommand, IsonCommand, JoinCommand, KickCommand, ListCommand, MessageCommand, ModeCommand, NamesCommand, NickCommand, NoticeCommand, PartCommand, PassCommand, PingCommand, PongCommand, QuitCommand, RawCommand, TopicCommand, UserCommand, UserModeCommand, WhoisCommand

public interface OutCommand
extends Command

Defines an outgoing command. Outgoing commands are very simple because all they need to do is be rendered. Outgoing commands do not change our state.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String render()
          Forms a string appropriate to send to the server, if required.
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Method Detail


java.lang.String render()
Forms a string appropriate to send to the server, if required. Some commands will have no such string, as they are received and not sent. The string returned is sent to the server verbatim.

Rendered string

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