Class WhoisCommand

  extended by f00f.net.irc.martyr.commands.WhoisCommand
All Implemented Interfaces:
Command, OutCommand

public class WhoisCommand
extends java.lang.Object
implements OutCommand

Implements a WHOIS command, to query details about a user.

Constructor Summary
WhoisCommand(java.lang.String target)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getIrcIdentifier()
          Returns the string IRC uses to identify this command.
 java.lang.String render()
          Simply returns the string given in the constructor.
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Constructor Detail


public WhoisCommand(java.lang.String target)
target - the nick or mask that you wish to know about.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getIrcIdentifier()
Description copied from interface: Command
Returns the string IRC uses to identify this command. Examples: NICK, PING, KILL, 332. Not strictly required for OutCommands as the irc identifier is expected to be part of the reder() result.

Specified by:
getIrcIdentifier in interface Command


public java.lang.String render()
Simply returns the string given in the constructor.

Specified by:
render in interface OutCommand
Rendered string

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