Class A_FAQ

  extended by f00f.net.irc.martyr.A_FAQ

public class A_FAQ
extends java.lang.Object

Some Frequenty Asked Questions.

How do I use Martyr?

Take a good look at the IRCConnection class. Also check out the programs in the test package. There are several small testing programs that show how to use the fundamentals of Martyr. For a better example, check out the Justin bot, included in martyr's /examples directory.

How do I get rid of all the output?

Martyr uses log4j.

How do I add socks support?

Martyr does not directly support SOCKS, but it can work with an external SOCKS library. IRCConnection allows you to pass a custom Socket instance into the connect(...) method. Thus, a library such as jsocks is ideal for use with Martyr.

Note that while IRCConnection.connect allows you to pass in your own Socket, AutoReconnect does not have a way to pass your own Socket to IRCConnection on a reconnect. You can either subclass AutoReconnect and override the getSocket method, or subclass IRCConnection and override connect.

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