Class Summary
AlreadyRegisteredError Code: 462 ERR_ALREADYREGISTERED :You may not reregister Returned by the server to any link which tries to change part of the registered details (such as password or user details from second USER message).
CannotSendToChanError Code: 404 ERR_CANNOTSENDTOCHAN <channel name> :Cannot send to channel Sent to a user who is either (a) not on a channel which is mode +n or (b) not a chanop (or mode +v) on a channel which has mode +m set and is trying to send a PRIVMSG message to that channel.
CantKillServerError Code: 483 ERR_CANTKILLSERVER :You can't kill a server! Any attempts to use the KILL command on a server are to be refused and this error returned directly to the client.
ChannelBannedError Code: 474 ERR_BANNEDFROMCHAN <channel> :Cannot join channel (+b)
ChannelInviteOnlyError Code: 473 ERR_INVITEONLYCHAN <channel> :Cannot join channel (+i)
ChannelLimitError Code: 471 ERR_CHANNELISFULL <channel> :Cannot join channel (+l)
ChannelWrongKeyError Code: 475 ERR_BADCHANNELKEY <channel> :Cannot join channel (+k)
ChanOPrivsNeededError Code: 482 ERR_CHANOPRIVSNEEDED <channel> :You're not channel operator Any command requiring 'chanop' privileges (such as MODE messages) must return this error if the client making the attempt is not a chanop on the specified channel.
ErroneusNicknameError Code: 432 ERR_ERRONEUSNICKNAME <nick> :Erroneus nickname Returned after receiving a NICK message which contains characters which do not fall in the defined set.
FileErrorError Code: 424 ERR_FILEERROR :File error doing <file op> on <file> Generic error message used to report a failed file operation during the processing of a message.
GenericError Defines what an error is.
KeySetError Code: 467 ERR_KEYSEY <channel> :Channel key already set
NeedMoreParamsError Code: 461 ERR_NEEDMOREPARAMS <command> :Not enough parameters Returned by the server by numerous commands to indicate to the client that it didn't supply enough parameters.
NickCollisionError Code: 436 ERR_NICKCOLLISION <nick> :Nickname collision KILL Returned by a server to a client when it detects a nickname collision (registered of a NICK that already exists by another server).
NickInUseError Code: 433 ERR_ERRONEUSNICKNAME <nick> :Nickname is already in use Returned when a NICK message is processed that result in an attempt to change to a currently existing nickname.
NoAdminInfoError Code: 423 ERR_NOADMININFO <server name> :No administrative info available Returned by a server in response to an ADMIN message when there is an error in finding the appropriate information.
NoLoginError Code: 444 ERR_NOLOGIN <user> :User not logged in Returned by the summon after a SUMMON command for a user was unable to be performed since they were not logged in.
NoMotdError Code: 422 ERR_NOMOTD :MOTD File is missing Server's MOTD file could not be opened by the server.
NoNicknameGivenError Code: 431 ERR_NONICKNAMEGIVEN :No nickname given Returned when a nickname parameter expected for a command and isn't found.
NoOperHostError Code: 491 ERR_NOOPERHOST :No O-lines for your host If a client sends an OPER message and the server has not been configured to allow connections from the client's host as an operator, this error must be returned.
NoOriginError Code: 409 ERR_NOORIGIN :No origin specified PING or PONG message missing the originator parameter which is required since these commands must work without valid prefixes.
NoPermForHostError Code: 463 ERR_NOPERMFORHOST :Your host isn't among the privileged Returned to a client which attempts to register with a server which does not been setup to allow connections from the host the attempted connection is tried.
NoPrivilegesError Code: 481 ERR_NOPRIVILEGES :Permission Denied- You're not an IRC operator Any command requiring operator privileges to operate must return this error to indicate the attempt was unsuccessful.
NoRecipientError Code: 411 ERR_NORECIPIENT :No recipient given (<command>)
NoSuchChannelError Code: 403 ERR_NOSUCHCHANNEL <channel name> :No such channel Used to indicate the given channel name is invalid.
NoSuchNickError Code: 401 ERR_NOSUCHNICK <nickname> :No such nick/channel Used to indicated the nickname parameter supplied to a command is currently unused.
NoSuchServerError Code: 402 ERR_NOSUCHSERVER <server name> :No such server Used to indicate the server name given currently doesn't exist.
NoTextToSendError Code: 412 ERR_NOTEXTTOSEND :No text to send 412 - 414 are returned by PRIVMSG to indicate that the message wasn't delivered for some reason.
NotOnChannelError Code: 442 ERR_NOTONCHANNEL <channel> :You're not on that channel Returned by the server whenever a client tries to perform a channel effecting command for which the client isn't a member.
NoTopLevelError Code: 413 ERR_NOTOPLEVEL <mask> :No toplevel domain specified 412 - 414 are returned by PRIVMSG to indicate that the message wasn't delivered for some reason.
NotRegisteredError Code: 451 ERR_NOTREGISTERED :You have not registered Returned by the server to indicate that the client must be registered before the server will allow it to be parsed in detail.
PasswdMismatchError Code: 464 ERR_PASSWDMISMATCH :Password incorrect Returned to indicate a failed attempt at registering a connection for which a password was required and was either not given or incorrect.
SummonDisabledError Code: 445 ERR_SUMMONDISABLED :SUMMON has been disabled Returned as a response to the SUMMON command.
TooManyChannelsError Code: 405 ERR_TOOMANYCHANNELS <channel name> :You have joined too many channels Sent to a user when they have joined the maximum number of allowed channels and they try to join another channel.
TooManyTargetsError Code: 407 ERR_TOOMANYTARGETS <target> :Duplicate recipients.
UModeUnknownFlagError Code: 501 ERR_UMODEUNKNOWNFLAG :Unknown MODE flag Returned by the server to indicate that a MODE message was sent with a nickname parameter and that the a mode flag sent was not recognized.
UnknownCommandError Code: 421 ERR_UNKNOWNCOMMAND <command> :Unknown command Returned to a registered client to indicate that the command sent is unknown by the server.
UnknownError Some unknown command, for which there is no factory.
UnknownModeError Code: 472 ERR_UNKNOWNMODE <char> :is unknown mode char to me
UserNotInChannelError Code: 441 ERR_USERNOTINCHANNEL <user> <channel> :They aren't on that channel Returned by the server to indicate that the target user of the command is not on the given channel.
UserOnChannelError Code: 443 ERR_USERONCHANNEL <user> <channel> :is already on channel Returned when a client tries to invite a user to a channel they are already on.
UsersDisabledError Code: 446 ERR_USERSDISABLED :USERS has been disabled Returned as a response to the USERS command.
UsersDontMatchError Code: 502 ERR_USERSDONTMATCH :Cant change mode for other users Error sent to any user trying to view or change the user mode for a user other than themselves.
WasNoSuchNickError Code: 406 ERR_WASNOSUCHNICK <nickname> :There was no such nickname Returned by WHOWAS to indicate there is no history information for that nickname.
WildTopLevelError Code: 414 ERR_WILDTOPLEVEL <mask> :Wildcard in toplevel domain 412 - 414 are returned by PRIVMSG to indicate that the message wasn't delivered for some reason.
YoureBannedCreepError Code: 465 ERR_YOUREBANNEDCREEP :You are banned from this server Returned after an attempt to connect and register yourself with a server which has been setup to explicitly deny connections to you.

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