Class NickInUseError

  extended by f00f.net.irc.martyr.commands.AbstractInCommand
      extended by f00f.net.irc.martyr.errors.GenericError
          extended by f00f.net.irc.martyr.errors.NickInUseError
All Implemented Interfaces:
Command, InCommand

public class NickInUseError
extends GenericError

Code: 433 ERR_ERRONEUSNICKNAME <nick> :Nickname is already in use Returned when a NICK message is processed that result in an attempt to change to a currently existing nickname. TODO: Should we rename this to NicknameInUseError for consistency with rest of errors/matching RFC?

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
NickInUseError(FullNick nick, java.lang.String errorMessage)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getErrorMessage()
 java.lang.String getIrcIdentifier()
          Returns the string IRC uses to identify this command.
 FullNick getNick()
 State getState()
          Some commands, when received by the server, can only occur in one state.
 InCommand parse(java.lang.String prefix, java.lang.String identifier, java.lang.String params)
          Parses a string and produces a formed command object, if it can.
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Constructor Detail


public NickInUseError()


public NickInUseError(FullNick nick,
                      java.lang.String errorMessage)
Method Detail


public State getState()
Description copied from class: AbstractInCommand
Some commands, when received by the server, can only occur in one state. Thus, when this command is received, the protocol should assume that it is that state. A command can use the 'unknown' state to indicate it can be received in any state (for example, ping). Most commands will occur in the REGISTERED state, so for a few exeptions, commands can leave this alone.

Specified by:
getState in interface InCommand
getState in class AbstractInCommand
State associated with command


public java.lang.String getIrcIdentifier()
Description copied from interface: Command
Returns the string IRC uses to identify this command. Examples: NICK, PING, KILL, 332. Not strictly required for OutCommands as the irc identifier is expected to be part of the reder() result.

The IRC identifier string


public InCommand parse(java.lang.String prefix,
                       java.lang.String identifier,
                       java.lang.String params)
Description copied from class: AbstractInCommand
Parses a string and produces a formed command object, if it can. Should return null if it cannot form the command object.

Specified by:
parse in interface InCommand
Specified by:
parse in class AbstractInCommand
prefix - Prefix of the command
identifier - ID of the command
params - Parameters of the command
InCommand instance for parsed command


public FullNick getNick()
The nick in use.


public java.lang.String getErrorMessage()

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