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 class AbstractWhoisReply
 class AwayReply
          Signals an automated AWAY message received as a response to a PRIVMSG that was sent out.
 class ChannelCreationReply
          ChannelCreationReply sets the creation time of the channel.
 class GenericStringReply
 class ListEndReply
          Signals the end of a LIST response.
 class ListReply
          Signals an entry of a LIST response.
 class ListStartReply
          Signals the beginning of a LIST response.
 class LUserClientReply
 class LUserMeReply
 class LUserOpReply
 class ModeReply
          ModeReply is really a factory that passes the ModeReply off to a ChannelModeCommand.
 class NamesEndReply
 class NamesReply
 class NowAwayReply
          Signals that you were successfully marked un-away.
 class TopicInfoReply
          Contains info about the topic, who set it and when.
 class UnAwayReply
          Signals that you were successfully marked un-away.
 class WhoisChannelsReply
 class WhoisEndReply
 class WhoisIdleReply
 class WhoisServerReply
 class WhoisUserReply

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